Monday, September 19, 2011

Pardus Linux 2011.2

Gökçen Eraslan has announced the release of Pardus Linux 2011.2, an updated version of the project's desktop Linux distribution with custom package management and many user-friendly features: "Pardus Linux 2011.2 is now available. Here are the important updates shipped with Pardus 2011.2: NetworkManager is updated to, problems about adding VPN connections have been fixed, handle WLAN security passwords gracefully while upgrading distribution; ModemManager is updated to 0.5, improvements for Samsung modems, support access technology reporting for Qualcomm Gobi modems, fix communication with Nokia N900 devices; CUPS is updated to 1.4.8; LibreOffice is updated to 3.4.3, fixed crash closing document with footnotes; MPlayer - fixed crash playing subtitled videos which was triggered by FreeType 2.4.6 security update." Read the complete release announcement for a full list of bug fixes. Download the installation or the installable live DVD images: Pardus-2011.2-i686.iso (1,168MB, MD5), Pardus-2011.2-x86_64.iso (1,186MB, MD5), Pardus-2011.2-Live-i686.iso (1,346MB, MD5), Pardus-2011.2-Live-x86_64.iso (1,369MB, MD5).