Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fuduntu 14.10

Andrew Wyatt has announced the release of Fuduntu 14.10, an updated build of the Fedora-based desktop distribution: "The Fuduntu team is pleased to announce the general availability of Fuduntu 14.10. This release continues our tradition of small incremental improvements bringing new versions of several important packages and bug fixes to the Fuduntu Linux distribution. Included in this release: Linux kernel, Adobe Flash 10.3, Chromium 12, Shotwell 0.10.1; ext4 is now our default file system during installation; support for NVIDIA (akmod-nvidia), and ATI (akmod-catalyst) proprietary drivers; a tool to help simplify customizing your installation; a theme refresh, correcting several bugs and streamlining the look and feel; new background choices; new tweaks to improve Flash playback; bug fixes; the quarterly patch roll-up." Here is the full release announcement. Download: Fuduntu-14.10-i386-LiveDVD.iso (907MB), Fuduntu-14.10-x86_64-LiveDVD.iso (937MB).

The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Scientific Linux 5.6 RC2

Troy Dawson has announced the availability of the second (and likely last) release candidate for Scientific Linux 5.6: "Scientific Linux 5.6 RC2 is now available. We have pushed out the latest update to Scientific Linux 5.6. There are both network install images as well as CD and DVD images. If there are no problems, this will be the final release, there will be no further changes. Changed since RC1: GDM Login screen background was changed to have the 'Atom Shine' blue background. After four years the 'EaseOfBlue' GDM theme is now blue; release notes and READMEs were updated; on the distribution servers everything is copied over to the 56 directory, there should be no links pointing to 5rolling. If there are no problems we expect to release Scientific Linux 5.6 on Tuesday 21 June 2011." The release announcement. Download: SL.56.061711.DVD.i386.disc1.iso (4,167MB, MD5), SL.56.061711.DVD.x86_64.disc1.iso (4,172MB, MD5).