Wednesday, July 11, 2012

X Server 1.13 Will Have Better Support for Hybrid GPUs

Keith Packard announced earlier today, July 10th, the immediate availability for download and testing of the first Release Candidate of the upcoming XOrg Server 1.13.

The final version of XOrg Server 1.13 will be available in September, and it will have features like support for PRIME DRI2 offloading, RandR 1.5 with support for provider object, support for GLX_ARB_create_context in OpenGL 3.0, new GLX extensions, DDX driver API improvements, USB GPU hot-plugging, better GPU hybrid support, and much more.

Support for XAA acceleration will be removed from XOrg Server 1.13 making the size of the archive much smaller.

The complete changelog for XOrg Server 1.13 RC1 can be found on the official release announcement.

 Download XOrg Server 1.13 RC1

OS4 12.5

Roberto Dohnert has announced the release of OS4 12.5, a custom Linux distribution previously known as PC/OS that is based upon Ubuntu and is built for fun, compatibility, security, and mobility: "OS4 12.5 has been designed from the ground up to satisfy the needs of casual PC users all the way to the professional user. It is available in 32 and 64 bit releases. Built for the professional: With OS4 you have a quality multi processing core in your system, and with support for 3D graphics and audio, everyone from the digital animator, video editor, musician all the way to the researchers studying DNA sequencing to working in clusters, OS4 will fit your needs. With a fine set of standard applications, to the extensibility of installing thousands of more applications, OS4 was built for you." Read the rest of the release announcement for further information. Download: os4-12-5x86.iso (1,405MB, MD5), os4-12-5-x64.iso (1,548MB, MD5).