Monday, November 16, 2020

PrimTux 6


 PrimTux is a French Debian and Ubuntu-based distribution developed by a small team of school teachers and computer enthusiasts for educational environments. The project's latest release, PrimTux 6, is available in both Debian (32-bit) and Ubuntu (64-bit) editions. An English translation of the release announcement (in French) reads: "PrimTux6 is available in two editions: an edition based on Ubuntu and intended for recent computers and an edition based on Debian 'Buster', intended for older computers, to meet its vocation of upgrading computers for educational purposes. Whichever edition you use, PrimTux is designed to be extremely lightweight. Version 6 continues to build on what makes the strength of the distribution: student environments adapted to the different cycles of primary education, protected from bad handling; a selection of quality educational software adapted to the different ages of schooling; secure Internet browsing thanks to CTparental, which provides filtering since version 5, and to the Qwant junior search engine." Download (MD5, pkglist): PrimTux6-Debian10.6-i386-2020-11-11.hybrid.iso (3,580MB), PrimTux6-Ubuntu20.04-1-amd64-2020-11-11.iso (3,195MB).