Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday, Linux

Well, another year has passed and Linux is getting older and older, as it now turns 21 years old, today, on August 25th.

Actually I like to think that Linux is getting younger by the year, as it gains more and more new technologies and support for newer hardware, all in order to catch up with its competition.

What is Linux? How Linux is built? These questions are easily answered by the video posted above, courtesy of The Linux Foundation.

Why use Linux? Simply because it has FREEDOM written all over it! Freedom in everything you do every day and freedom for all your electronic devices.

But let’s not be selfish here and think about all the big companies that use Linux everyday to make your life easier and most likely cheaper, starting with major airlines and finishing with your usual bus operating companies. Hell, the whole Internet is powered by Linux!

Happy Birthday, Linux!