Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kororaa Linux 17 Beta

Chris Smart has announced that the initial public beta of Kororaa Linux 17, a Fedora-based distribution with a large number of user-friendly enhancements, is ready for testing: "The first beta release of Kororaa Linux 17 has been released and is available for download, in 32-bit and 64-bit variants for KDE and GNOME. This new release includes major updates of most packages including the Linux kernel (3.3.7), office and desktops (KDE 4.8 and GNOME 3.4). The GNOME 3 desktop has a custom theme available, as well as several extensions to provide an enhanced user experience. The KDE desktop has specific default applications, such as Firefox and VLC." See the release announcement for upgrade notes, known issues and screenshots. Download (SHA256): Kororaa-17-Beta-i686-Live-KDE.iso (1,601MB), Kororaa-17-Beta-i686-Live-GNOME.iso (1,326MB), Kororaa-17-Beta-x86_64-Live-KDE.iso (1,600MB), Kororaa-17-Beta-x86_64-Live-GNOME.iso (1,328MB).

Mageia 2

Bio Linux 6.0.29

Bio-Linux is a full-featured, powerful, configurable and easy-to-maintain bioinformatics workstation. Bio-Linux provides more than 500 bioinformatics programs on an Ubuntu base. There is a graphical menu for bioinformatics programs, as well as easy access to the Bio-Linux bioinformatics documentation system and sample data useful for testing programs. Bio-Linux packages that handle new generation sequence data types can also be installed.

Linux Tatto