Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grml 2013.02

Michael Prokop has announced the release of Grml 2013.02, a Debian-based live CD with a collection of specialist GNU/Linux software, tools and scripts designed for system administrators: "We just released Grml 2013.02 'Grumpy Grinch'. This release brings the Grml tools towards the upcoming Debian stable release ('Wheezy'), provides up-to-date hardware support and fixes known bugs from the previous Grml release. New features: ssh boot option - display SSH server key fingerprints; grml-hwinfo - added support for lsscsi, iscsiadm, Proxmox, libvirt, OpenVZ, VServer information retrieval, swapon, mdadm, LVM + dmsetup, now using 'lspci -nn' for lspci output; grml-live - handling firmware related packages in GRMLBASE, added uuid-runtime to GRMLBASE; grml-network - netcardconfig provides support to scan for available wireless networks...." Read the release notes for a list of new features and important changes. Download: grml64-full_2012.05.iso (371MB, MD5, torrent).