Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Legend of the Fist - The Return of Chen Zhen

Watch an exclusive clip from Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen, starring Donnie Yen.

Black Mirror III SKIDROW

In the final chapter of this acclaimed horror trilogy, Black Mirror 3:
Final Fear picks up right where the thrilling ending to Black Mirror 2:
Reigning Evil left off.

Only a short time ago, Darren Michaels was a quiet store clerk in a
sleepy New England town. Now in Willow Creek, England, a tormented
Darren barely reacts as police handcuffs are closed on his wrists. All
the evidence points to him, and the police have arrested Darren as
their primary suspect in a fatal crime. He?s subjected to extensive
questioning, but Darren is numb to the events occurring around him, and
has withdrawn into a deep emptiness. Then after several weeks of
incarceration, Darren is unexplainably released.

But he is not free. Darren remains terrorized by sleepless nights,
nightmare-like visions, and the chilling specter of murder and death.

Now alone, Darren must continue his search to uncover what has been
happening to him and lift the veil on his clouded past. What has he
really seen? What do his torturous nightmares really mean? Who is the
mysterious person that posted the bail to set him free? What demons lie
waiting in the crypt?

Return to face the dark forces that haunt the ominous Black Mirror
Castle as you search for the secrets that lie behind the tangled web of
haunting riddles, mysterious secrets and dark characters. Alternate
between two playable characters, as you explore over 120 highly
detailed and atmospheric locations, and interact with over 50
characters in your quest for redemption.

Dare to find the answers in the climactic final chapter of this epic
trilogy - for once you gaze into the Black Mirror, you won?t be able to
look away.

FreeNAS 8.0 RC5

Josh Paetzel has announced the availability of the fifth release candidate for FreeNAS 8.0, a FreeBSD-based system providing free Network-Attached Storage (NAS) services: "This wasn't supposed to happen, but we fixed so many issues in RC4 that we really wanted to push something out to the community. This image is being handed over to QA for the final run-through. In a perfect world the release will be this image with polishing work. Two major bits that are new are volume drive replacement in the GUI, and the ability to add to ZFS volumes, which also doubles as the ability to create stacked ZFS volumes, such as a stripe of RAIDZs (RAID 50) or a stripe of mirrors (RAID 10). Documentation lags behind the functionality, we'll get it updated shortly." Read the rest of the release announcement for further details. Download (SHA256): FreeNAS-8.0-RC5-i386.iso (101MB), FreeNAS-8.0-RC5-amd64.iso (105MB).

Download Mirrors https://sourceforge.net/projects/freenas/files/

Kongoni GNU/Linux 2011 Beta 2

Robert Gabriel has announced the availability of the second beta release of Kongoni GNU/Linux 2011 5.6, a Slackware-based desktop distribution containing exclusively "libre" software code: "After a couple of weeks of working in improving and resolving some important bugs and updating packages, 'Firefly' is ready for the second and hopefully the last beta of this release. KDE was updated to version 4.6.2 as also the kernel was moved to version For the moment, Kongoni will stick with the 2.6.37 kernel branch, as it seems very stable and fast. Besides KDE and the kernel, there was a bug found when using udisks. The problem was that no external USB disks were mounted by udisks, even if udisks and udev found them. This issue got fixed in beta 2 and now everything works at it should." Read the rest of the release announcement for more information. Download: kongoni-2011-i486-beta2-firefly.iso (694MB, MD5).

Download Mirrors http://download.kongoni.org/