Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chemical Free no!no! Skin Pimple Treatment

Most chemical-based pimple treatments are designed with a ‘use overnight’ mentality when no one can see your face covered in dots of cream. But this no!no! Skin alternative just uses heat and light delivered via a handheld device that can be used anywhere and anytime you’ve got about 30 seconds to spare. You just place the pointed end against a pimple, push the button, and wait 10 seconds for it to do its thing. After you hear 2 beeps you remove it, wait 5 seconds, and then treat it again for another 10. The ‘how it works’ and what it’s actually doing unfortunately sounds a little snake oil-esque, but I’ll admit I’m not a dermatologist, and these treatment techniques could actually be quite effective.

As P.acnes (Propionibacterium) reproduce, colonies form and release the seeds of their own destruction, a chemical known as porphyrin. no!no! Skin pin points the pimple with flashes of a broad-spectrum light and gentle waves of heat that penetrate into the blocked pore. Optimal light wavelengths, especially green and red, penetrate deep into the follicle to target the P.acnes. Green light makes the porphyrin molecules release a lone oxygen molecule called a radical. The oxygen radicals attack the P.acnes and destroy the bacterium. Red light produces anti-inflammatory results and reduces the painful, unsightly swelling. Additional heat intensifies the process and gently opens the pores to release the clog and further soothe the inflammation.

At $180 though I’d like to know for sure if the no!no! Skin delivered on its claims before dropping that much money.