Sunday, October 23, 2011

Finnix 103

Ryan Finnie has announced the release of Finnix 103, a Debian-based live CD for system administrators, now also with a new "forensic mode": "Finnix 103 released. Finnix 103 includes a new forensic mode. When booted with the 'forensic' or 'forensics' boot flags, Finnix changes its behavior to minimize the chance of loading suspect code or writing to suspect media. These changes include cryptographic hash verification of discovered Finnix CD media, locking block devices, and avoiding swap, LVM, RAID, crypt and network auto-detection. Entropy generation added. Modern Linux distributions add to their random number generator (RNG) entropy pool by saving some random data before shutdown, and adding it back into the pool during start-up. A live CD cannot normally do this, so Finnix includes a new feature to generate random data to be fed into the pool...." The release announcement. Download (MD5): finnix-103.iso (113MB, torrent), finnix-ppc-103.iso (115MB, torrent).