Tuesday, June 21, 2011

VectorLinux 7.0 RC2

Robert Lange has announced the availability of the second (and final) release candidate for VectorLinux Linux 7.0 - now with the added ability to build Arch Linux packages in Slackware format: "The VectorLinux development crew is proud to announce the second release candidate of VectorLinux 7.0. There have been numerous changes since the RC1 release. The kernel is version, glibc is 2.13 and everything else is up to date with Slackware 13.37. We have the new Xfce 4.8.1 with Glx-Dock, latest AbiWord, Gnumeric, Scribus, Inkscape, Shotwell and a vast array of other programs in all categories at their latest stable versions. Due to stability problems Audacious has been replaced with UMPlayer. We have squashed major bugs that occurred during the first RC cycle, which includes updates to the kernel, firmware, vasm, GDM, VectorLinux artwork, ConsoleKit and some minor theme changes." For more details please see the release announcement. Download: VL7.0-STD-RC2.iso (700MB, MD5), VL7.0-STD-LIVE-RC2.iso (700MB, MD5).