Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DEFT Linux 7.2

Stefano Fratepietro has announced the release of DEFT Linux 7.2, an Ubuntu-based live distribution with a large collection of free and open-source tools for incident response, cyber intelligence and computer forensics tasks: "Today we are happy to announce the latest DEFT Linux release, version 7.2. This is the last 32-bit release but it will have bug-fix support until 2020. Please note that the next release will be for 64-bit systems only. What's new in this release? Virtual appliance based on VMware 5 with USB 3 support; Linux kernel 3.0; Autopsy 3 beta 5 (using WINE, please note that you will need a minimum of 1 GB of RAM); Log2tmeline 0.65; guymager 0.6.12; VMFS support; some minor fixes. Thank you for choosing DEFT Linux and enjoy the project!" Here is the brief release announcement. Finally, a quick link to download the live DVD image: deft7.2.iso (2,570MB, MD5).