Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another way to re-run the previous command

After running a command in the terminal, you can re-call it by simply hitting the up arrow button. Another way to recall the previous command you can use is to type the double exclamation marks ("!!"). In other words, when you run the double exclamation marks in the terminal, the previous command will be executed. This tip can be quite handy when you want to re-run the previous command as root. For example, instead of re-typing the whole previous command with 'sudo' or 'beesu' before it, you can just type:

 sudo !!  

 beesu !!  

You can look at the example image below to see how this works:

Epidemic GNU/Linux 4.0

Version 4.0 of Epidemic GNU/Linux has been released. Epidemic is a Debian-based Brazilian desktop Linux distribution featuring the KDE desktop and a number of user-friendly enhancements. Some of the custom applications in this 64-bit only release include: eMod - a graphical utility for creating a custom build of Epidemic; eUpgrade - a graphical tool designed to perform a full system upgrade; eKwin - an application which allows single-click enabling or disabling of KWin effects; Einstaller - the distribution's intuitive system installer. The release also comes with newly added support for German (besides Portuguese, English and Spanish); new user manual; an integrated theme for GRUB, Plymouth, KDM and KSplash; Linux kernel 3.2.23. Read the full release announcement (in Portuguese) for more details and screenshots. Download the live DVD image from here: epidemic-4.0-2-amd64.iso (1,479MB, MD5).