Wednesday, November 25, 2020

EuroLinux 7.9


 EuroLinux is an enterprise-class Linux distribution made and supported by the EuroLinux company, built mostly from code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The project's latest release is EuroLinux 7.9 which enters a new phase of support. "Because EuroLinux 7 is in the second phase of support, there are no revolutionary changes. It is the same stable, mission-critical, proved operating system in which many packages were updated and upgraded to a higher version. It should be anticipated since Enterprise Linux 7 during its life was repeatedly subjected to a reasonably common, aggressive rebase, that is, upgrading packages to recent, nevertheless proven and reliable, versions. Among the most significant changes are: sssd upgraded to version 1.165; pacemaker and stack responsible for clustering updated to version - 1.1.23; MariaDB database updated to this year's version - 5.5.68." The release announcement goes on to mention that EuroLinux 6 raches the end of its normal life cycle on November 30, 2020. However, customes can purchase extended support after this date. EuroLinux can be purchased through the distribution's contact page.

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